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by Sarah P

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Sarah P is the millennial CEO of a global agency, bestselling author and business strategist who is known for her positive, high-energy personality, integrity and business savvy.


With her debut book Level Up, Sarah brings unique perspectives gained from over 16 years as a competitive ice figure skater and team coach, with her sights always set on the Olympics.

From overcoming childhood bullying at school and church, to finding her identity as a bi-racial, half-Caucasian, half-Asian millennial woman in business, her personal growth journey and irrefutable business lessons challenge the reader to embrace who they are, do the inner healing work and apply the outer actions to level up in their life and business.

"I had a hard time finding my tribe. You see, I am bi-racial. I am not entirely Caucasian or entirely Asian, so I had a hard time connecting with just the white kids or just the Asian kids.


When I found a group of girls in church that I did gravitate towards, they eventually began bullying me and making fun of me just like the kids in school. Because of all the experiences I had up to that point in my life as a high schooler being bullied, I started to believe that there weren’t many good people left in the world.


But overall, as I became a young adult and reflected on my life, I eventually changed my perception of people."

"I understood that people behave and react based on what they’ve been exposed to, are modeling from their home environment or see as acceptable within their social groups.


As the oldest child in the family, we are often put into role model shoes by default. I felt that it was important for me to have a role model in my life who I could look to for mentorship.


I found that guidance through my ice-skating coach, who kept me on track through the scriptures she shared and her excellent advice. It helped me shape my thoughts and ultimately my reality, by realizing there’s more to life than my small view of the world and the people I had in it."


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